GHFA Mini teams (Under 6, Under 7, Under 8 and Under 9) do not use team sheets.

GHFA U10 to U21, AA, O35 & O45, PL & SL teams will use the iCompMan Digital Teamsheet (iMatchSheets) system. Instructions for the use of the iMatchSheets System can be found in the Library in GHFA Digital Teamsheets Instructions. It is recommended that Managers prepare the Digital Teamsheet at home on the night before the match, then complete the teamsheet at the match using your smartphone. Managers, and/or a delegate, will require a Username and Password to access the system, please contact your Age Group Co-ordinator for further information. If oyu will not be available to attend a match you must ensure that a delegate is available with access to the system. 

NWSWF teams use team sheets downloaded from the NWSWF/SportingPulse website, see instructions here. The "home" team manager must also provide the referee with a pre-paid envelope along with the match team sheet. Envelopes can be be obtained from your Age Group Co-ordinator.