Sports Rage

For quite some time now, there has been an awareness of the damage caused by sport rage. Sport rage is any violence, foul language, harassment, abuse or bad behaviour in sport. Sport rage is bad for sport - reducing enjoyment, risking safety and tarnishing club reputations. Below you will find a collection of resources, and links that help to both identify and combat problems that may occur.

Education brochures and kits: These are easy-to-read and concise full colour brochures featuring tips and advice on how to help prevent sport rage. Includes easy to print off A4 size education kits featuring information on preventing and dealing with sport rage.

More information can be found at NSW Government Dept of Communities, Sport and Recreation, Sport Rage

GHFA Respect Program

Have you heard of OffInAbus (pronounced "Off-in-a-bus")? It stands for "Offensive, Insulting or Abusive" language or actions when related to any aspects of our great game of football. Season 2015 saw a significant increase in OffInAbus incidents, both on and off the field, by players, coaches, managers, parents and spectators.

GHFA and all its member Clubs are promoting the RESPECT Program. The reason is, quite simply, to increase the enjoyment of the game for all involved – players, parents, coaches and match officials, by honouring the game we love.

Visit our library for the simple guidelines and suggestions of the Respect Program. All players, coaches, managers, parents guardians and spectators are encouraged to take the time to read these one page guidelines, send it to your team mates and friends, or print it out and pass around at your matches.