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Gates and dressing rooms should be opened when you arrive and will be locked after you have left. Please contact Grounds Volunteer to make arrangements for key collection if this hasn't happened.

Normanhurst Oval Field Dressing Roster

Normanhurst Oval Canteen & BBQ Roster


Minis Side Fields (U6 & U7)

Ground Dressing

  • Minimum 4 adults required.
  • 4 plastic mini goalposts are kept in the ‘away’ dressing room (closest to the stairs).
  • 1 goalpost is placed at either end of the Minis field.
  • For more information on SSG field layout see MiniRoos National Playing Formats and Rules.
  • The steel barriers near the fence at either end of the main field are placed in a line between the main field and the Minis field. These protect Minis players, but ensure they are not too close to the main oval (i.e. in line with the back of the main field goal nets).
  • Put the barriers on either side of the main field goal nets.

Ground Undressing

When the last match is completed, place the steel barriers back near the fence and move the goalposts near the clubhouse but DON’T put them in the dressing room (this may be used in the afternoon) - the goalposts will be put away by the last adult team in the afternoon.


Full Size Pitch (U12 – Senior)

Ground Dressing

  • Make sure the volunteers arrive at least 1 hour before the first game.
  • Minimum 4 adults are required to set up (children are welcome to help but not counted in minimum).
  • Equipment is in the ‘away’ dressing room (closest to the stairs).
  • You will need 2 box nets with ropes in the black garbage bins and 6 metal poles. Nets must be secured using the ropes and pegs. Ensure there are no gaps that a ball can go through.
  • Place 4 flags at each corner of the field and 2 more flags halfway (these should be 1 metre back from the sideline).
  • Place the 2 wooden benches on either side of halfway mark for teams to sit on (clubhouse side).
  • Run the ropes on both sides of the field about 2 metres from the sidelines to keep spectators off the field.  

Ground Undressing

  • Ensure all equipment is returned to the ‘away’ dressing room. Don’t leave steel pegs on the oval as these are dangerous for players and council workers completing maintenance. 

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  • 30 Jun - 25 Aug
  • 01 Sep - 14 Nov
  • 21 Nov - 21 Nov

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