Manager Instructions

Thank you for volunteering to manage a team in our club.

Please read these pages carefully as they will give you useful information on what a manager needs to do, as well as some suggestions on how best to do it.

  • General Information
  • Start of Season
  • During the Season
  • End of Season
  • Useful Links

General Information

The Minis Coordinator looks after under 6s, 7s and 8s.

The Juniors Coordinator looks after U9 – U17.

The Seniors Coordinator looks after the All Age (AA), Over 35s (O35) and Over 45s (O45). Premier League (PL) are looked after by the PL manager.

The Women's Coordinator looks after the Girls (U15) and Women's (WAA and O30) teams.

Collectively, these are called ‘Age Coordinators’. They are your first point of contact when dealing with the club. See Committee Contacts for details.

You have a duty of care to monitor and report any abuse directed at match officials, players, spectators or children during any match attended on behalf of the club, whether that abuse originates from our club members or not. Please contact our Member Protection Officer if you have any concerns about physical or verbal abuse or intimidation occurring before, during or after a match.

No alcohol or smoking is allowed on any playing grounds or associated facilities before, during or after football matches. This is a requirement of both our local councils and football associations.

Attend the club’s Coaches’ and Managers’ meetings as required. Important information about club activities that affect your team will be delivered at this meeting.

Ensure all players are present and properly attired in club strip for team photographs on the nominated day (further details will be provided following the commencement of the season).

Start of Season

Team Contacts & Duties

The Age Coordinator will issue you with a contact list of the parents in your team. Prepare a ‘ring around / contact list' so that messages can be quickly passed on to the team. Please advise the club if details are incorrect or have changed. This list can be used in the event of wet weather, change of venue or forfeit by either team. Use an app like 'Teamer' to make your job easier.

Prepare a roster for bringing oranges each week (optional). This is greatly appreciated by the players. Some teams also use a roster for submitting Match Reports, and/or selecting ‘Player of the Match’.

The Draw

Ensure each family / team member is aware of the grounds directory and match draw. These are on the GHFA website,

The association will publish the draw (when and where your team is playing). Review this draw, looking for any possible strip conflict and if yours is the ‘away’ team, arrange for the alternate strip, from the designated committee member, Leon Chew, to be used.

Note: The ‘home’ team is on the left hand side of the draw; do not assume that playing at Normanhurst, Thornleigh or Ruddock oval means you are the home team. Similarly, do not assume that playing away from Normanhurst, Thornleigh or Ruddock means you are the 'away' team.

During the Season

As a manager, you act as liaison between the club, parents and players.

  • Inform the committee of any grievances that arise within your team.
  • Pass on to your team all association(GHFA or NWSWF)instructions in a timely manner.

Ensure equipment and facilities are in good order. Ensure the first-aid kit is present and kept well stocked. Ensure that the first-aid kit, ice pack and match ball are available at EVERY game.

Cancel training / matches if ground has been closed by council or the club (usually after bad weather), e.g. use the ring-around list. Note that rain on the day of the match does NOT necessarily mean the game is cancelled. Failure to appear for a match will be taken as a forfeit and incur a fine.

Perform all other miscellaneous duties as requested by the Club.


Notify your Age Coordinator of any forfeits by the Friday 4 pm prior to the game. Fines will be imposed if notice is not given to the opposition or to the referree. The Age Coordinator (not the team manager) then notifies the GHFA (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), at the latest on the Friday prior to the weekend's match. The GHFA then notify the opposition team.

Please ensure you provide the age group, match time and opposition club involved.

Late Forfeit

If you become aware of forfeits after Friday 4 pm, you must text the above information to the GHFA Hotline No: 0477 80 80 33. This is particularly important for competitive age groups to ensure any referees appointed to the games are advised.

As a courtesy to the other club, the forfeiting club should make direct contact with the opposition club where a late forfeit will occur. All club contacts are listed in the GHFA information book.

Also a reminder that the hotline not is to be used in the case of wet weather closing grounds after 4pm Fridays.

Team Sheets

GHFA Minis teams (Under 6, 7 and 8) and U9 do not use team sheets. These ages are non-competitive and do not have official referees. A Player of the Match trophy is offered to a player each week, by the Coach or Manager.

Team sheets are produced by the association to confirm the right of each player to play on the day, as well as to record the results of the match.

These are made available on the Thursday evening prior to the weekend's match. Managers use team specific downloads.

Note that the 'home' team manager must also provide the referee with a pre-paid envelope along with the match team sheet. Envelopes can be be obtained from yourAge Coordinator.

NWSWF teams also use team sheets. These can be downloaded from the NWSWF/SportingPulse website,see instructions here.

GHFA Premier League and Super League please use GHFA PL & SL Teamsheet.

It is acceptable to download and print these team sheets. Please use plain white A4 paper and a printer of reasonable quality appropriate to the task.

To print your team's team sheet:

  • click on the correct weekend's team sheet PDF file
  • scroll through the file to find your team's relevant page
  • print this page only.
  • Check that you have printed the correct team and the correct date.

At the match

Ensure managers’ and coaches’ ID lanyards and armbands are worn at the match (GHFA fine if this is not done).

Ensure all players are correctly attired for games and training. Please ensure players use only the current season strip.

Organise attendance of team representatives for Canteen and Grounds Duty when team is rostered. See ‘Canteen Duties’ and ‘Ground Duties’ instruction sheets.

After the match

If a player is sent off, that player must leave the field immediately, and must not stay on the team bench. The manager may only approach the Referee AFTER the game to find the ‘reason code’ (send-off code), however, be polite! If the Referee cannot provide a reason code at that time, provide the Referee with your phone number and ask that you be contacted with the reason code. This is important so that you, the player and the Club can request an appeal for the send-off.

For all competitive games (not minis) match results must be lodged with the Club Recorder, Miriam Lees, by 6:00 pm on Sunday (or 6:00 pm Monday for Sunday games only). See ‘Submitting Match Results’.

Write or arrange a brief match report of each game for the weekly club report that will be put on the club website (optional, but would be appreciated).

For Minis, give a match award at the conclusion of the game (“Player of the Week” trophy – supplied with your kit).

End of Season

Return all club equipment to the Equipment Coordinator (first-aid kit, folders, training kit, match balls, ID card wallet, cones and bibs) on the designated date.

Coaches submit player assessments (for grading consideration next year).

Presentation Day - August.

Attend club AGM - September.

Useful Links

The Laws of the Game (FIFA) -

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