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Updated 30 Jun 2016 (Updates shown in Red).

Canteen & BBQ Duty for Normo Oval from 8am - 1pm approx. Please allow a min of 3 people per shift.

Note: All rostered teams are servicing both Canteen and BBQ

Premier League are running their own BBQ. For PL games the BBQ Marquee and table can be left out. Please clean down and handover at 1pm on the PL games.

RND Date Team Approx Finish time
2 Sat, 09-Apr-2016 15/4 1pm
3 Sat, 16-Apr-2016 U6 Green b 1pm
4 Sat, 23-Apr-2016
U7 Red
U6 Green a
5 Sat, 30-Apr-2016
U6 Red
U6 Yellow c
6 Sat, 07-May-2016 14/2 1pm
7 Sun, 15-May-2016 12/3 1pm
8 Sat, 21-May-2016 13/5 1pm
9 Sat, 28-May-2016 13/2 1pm
10 Sat, 04-Jun-2016 13/4 1pm
11 Sat, 11-Jun-2016 17/1 a 1pm
12 Sat, 18-Jun-2016 U6 Green b
U7 Red
13 Sat, 25-Jun-2016
U7 Green
U6 Green a
14 Sat, 02-Jul-2016 U7 Yellow a 10am
15 Sat, 09-Jul-2016
U6 Purple b (Canteeen)
U6 Purple a (BBQ)
16 Sat, 16-Jul-2016
U7 Green
17 Sat, 23-Jul-2016
U7 Yellow b (Canteen)
U6 Red (BBQ)
18 Sat, 30-Jul-2016
U7 Purple (Canteen)
U6 Purple a (BBQ)
2pm (photos)
19 Sat, 06-Aug-2016
U7 Yellow c (Canteen)
U6 Purple b (BBQ)
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