Canteen Operation

Opening Assistant



Closing Assistant

(Canteen Coordinator - General)

Canteen Opening Assistant

7 am Saturday morning (or Friday night by arrangement): Pick up float and keys from Pierre at 31 Castle Circuit Westleigh 

7:10 am Saturday: Pick up milk, eggs, bread rolls & meat from Pennant Hills Market Place (pre-ordered) and return to Normanhurst Canteen. Envelopes will be provided for the butcher and baker with the money to pay for the goods (please put the receipt and change back in the envelope). 

IGA (eggs & milk) will need to be paid for with cash from the IGA envelope, please put the receipt and change back in the envelope. Look for the longest date range when buying the milk.

Go to Normo canteen and get ready. Pack esky and fresh food ready for collection by the Thornleigh Team at 7:30.

Double-check the box of non-perishable supplies for Thornleigh (pre-packed the week before by the Closing Canteen Assistant) 

Attach the reconciliation sheet to the folder along with the stock sheet for Thornleigh and place in the box 

Around 7.30am: Volunteers from the rostered teams start to arrive 

Hand over keys, float, esky and supplies to the Thornleigh representative and give them a run-down of what they need to do (see below).

Ask them to tick off the checklist on their run sheet.

Hand over keys, float and instructions to the Normanhurst volunteers and check they are running smoothly. If volunteers have not arrived, contact the appropriate manager or the canteen coordinator (Darren for now).

8.15/8.30am: Leave.


(see below for Thornleigh)

Orders are placed with the butcher and the baker at Pennant Hills.

The Opening Assistant collects the float and expense money from the treasurer, as well as the keys to Normanhurst (either on Friday night or Saturday morning).

The OA collects bread, meat, eggs and milk and opens the canteen, by 7:30 at the latest (Thornleigh canteen operator comes at this time).


Canteen Volunteers arrive at 7:45am to meet the Opening Assistant.

Confirm (check count) the float in the register with the Opening Assistant.

Check the BBQ box is ready for the BBQ team 

Wash your hands before handling food.

Prepare bread by cutting rolls in half and placing them in individual napkins. Put these back in the bread storage box.

Additional stock may have been delivered during the week so pack this away.


Fill the coffee machine up with water and refill as required (at the back of machine). Take the time to read the instructions and learn how to use the machine and the separate milk frother. Milk can be left out of the fridge if the weather is cool enough; this speesd up the milk frothing process.

When customers order a roll or sandwich, they pay at the canteen and are given the number of rolls or sandwiches they ordered and a matching ticket to their order. They take these to the BBQ operator.

Fill in the Stock sheet as items are sold. (This is important as it allows the Closing Assistant to order replacements for the following week.) 


The BBQ operator collects the BBQ box and the esky from the canteen. This should contain utensils, sauces, extra napkins and aprons. The esky should contain meat (sausages & bacon), eggs, and possibly onions.

Wheel the BBQ out to the grass in front of the canteen. Take one table and one marquee from the Away change rooom and set these up (it takes four people to set the marquee).

Start cooking sausages, bacon and onions. Only cook eggs on demand. Make sure sausages are well cooked (cut them in half) but be careful not to overcook them. Food warmers are available in the canteen to keep cooked food hot.

When customers come to you with an order, they hand you the ticket(s) which identify what they want. Take the ticket(s) (and return these occasionally to the canteen) and fill their order.

If the gas bottle runs out, there is a spare in the Away change rooom. Advise the canteen volunteer that you have swapped it out. They should note this on the stock sheet to prompt the Opening Assistant to refill it.



Stay open until 1 pm on most days but continue till 4 pm when Premier League are playing (see roster).

Near closing time (about 20 minutes), stop cooking. Start scraping the BBQ clean.

At closing time, turn off the gas, finish cleaning the BBQ. Take all dirty utensils to the canteen and wash these (or ask another volunteer to help). These can be dried and packed away or left to drip-dry.

Throw away any cooked food and take any left-over fresh food back to the fridge.

Clean the table. Pack it away and return it to the Away change room.

Collapse the marquee (easier with four people) and put this also in the Away change room.

Wheel the BBQ back to the Away change room.


Empty and clean the coffee machine and milk frother. 

Empty all bins. 

Remove any traces of food etc on canteen benches, sink and floor to avoid insect infestation and rats. 

Place all tea towels and aprons in a box for collection by the Closing Assistant.

Close the counter shutter.

Count the takings and fill in the reconciliation sheet.

Hand over the takings and any feedback to the Closing Assistant.

Closing Assistant

Leave the takings, stock sheets and reconciliation sheets on the bench for the treasurer to collect. 

Take the keys, needed to lock up, to the treasurer and drop them off in the lettebox.


The process at Thornleigh is similar to Normanhurst. Below are the differences.

Recommended Esky contents: Sausages, bacon, eggs, sauces (Tomato, BBQ, Mustard), milk, and optionally, onions.

Recommended Box contents: Bread rolls (or loaves), clean aprons and tea towels, replacement stock (drinks, lollies, chocolate bars, etc.). 


Pick up the cash float and fresh food from Normanhurst Canteen on Saturday morning by 7:30am at the latest.

Take all top up stock (drinks, lollies etc) for Thornleigh including milk, bread rolls, bacon and sausages.

Setup the BBQ and table on the verandah.


Note the closing time on the roster is slightly earlier than for Normo. Normo volunteers may be waiting for you to close there.

Return the esky, fresh food, sauces, stock sheet, reconciliation sheet and float to Normanhurst.

Take back tea towels and aprons to Normo.

Closing Assistant - Closing-Up

(approx. 4.00pm on Premier League days, or 1.00pm on non-Prem days) 

Go to Normanhurst canteen to collect the floats and count the takings (the Thornleigh team returns everything to Normanhurst) 

Ensure the rostered team has packed up the BBQ and cleaned properly 

Place all leftover sausages in a freezer bag and place in the freezer.

Place all open leftover bacon in a freezer bag and place in the freezer.

If the milk will be out of date for the next week throw it in the bin (or take it home) and indicate on the stock sheet what milk is left.

If there are bread rolls left, share them amongst anyone left when you are closing. You are not expected to pay for milk or bread that otherwise spoil.

Top up supplies in the Thornleigh box (eg: lollies, drinks, chips, coffee, sauce) ready for the next week. (the Thornleigh team will have completed a 'stock sheet' to assist with this)

Check stock levels for Normanhurst canteen (again, based on the stock sheet filled out by the rostered team during their shift) 

Leave the cash boxes & stock sheets in the bottom of the dirty laundry box in which the dirty tea towels, aprons etc can be placed in (located on the floor behind the counter) 

Approx. 2.00pm (or 4.30pm): You should be able to lock up and leave 

Return the keys to Pierre at 31 Castle Circuit Westleigh after closing and leave in the letter box. 

Duties - Canteen Coordinator


  • Clean canteen and all equipment prior to 1st game
  • Check all equipment is in good working order (fridges, freezers, coffee machines, BBQ, hot water)


  • Check stock and restock as required
  • Order stock
  • Prepare change for cash float
  • Purchase bread, milk, ice - weekly
  • Cater for trial matches at Loreto (pre season)
  • Premier/Super League home games (playing season)
  • Back To Normo Day (playing season)
  • Junior presentation day (post season)

Peak Time

Order stock for both Normanhurst and Thornleigh canteens. Most of this is done via committee member Aaron Roach who works for Woolies.

- Maintain canteen in a neat and tidy manner.

- Open Normanhurst canteen on a Saturday morning by 8.30am.

- Close Normanhurst canteen at either 1.30pm or 4.30pm depending on games (see below).

- Advise Treasurer of takings and purchases from game day.

- Bank takings each week.

- Contact the rostered team each week with clear instructions on what they to do.

- Look at our menu and see if any changes can be made.

- Maintain the float for both Normo and Thornleigh.


- Volunteers are required to operate both canteen and BBQ.

- Thornleigh canteen. Look for another person to do the Saturday operation.

- Canteen closes at 4.30pm on days when Premier League play (9 weeks) and 1.30pm other days.

- Mini and junior co-ordinators do the rosters (of teams). Team managers organise persons and times.


defrost freezers as required.

Check volunteers turn up.

Check gas cylinders and refill as required.

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