Normanhurst Oval Canteen & BBQ Instructions 2017


  1. Arrive at 7:45am to meet the canteen Opening assistant for the morning
  2. Confirm the float in the register with the opening canteen assistant
  3. Ensure the BBQ box is ready for the BBQ team to collect and take downstairs
  4. Canteen volunteers to do the following:
    • wash hands to prepare bread in napkins then place in bread storage box with bread
    • Pack away replacement stock
  5. People pay and get their bread plus colour coded tickets for BBQ
  6. Fill the coffee machine up with water and refill as required (at the back of machine) and PLEASE take the time to read the instructions and learn how to use the machine and the separate milk frother. Milk can be left out of the fridge weather permitting to speed up the milk frothing process
  7. Fill in the Stock sheet as items are sold (very important as this info is needed for restocking for the following week)


  1. Wash and pack away all BBQ stuff in plastic container or leave on drip tray on sink to dry
  2. Throw away any left over hot food.
  3. Empty and clean the coffee machine and milk frother.
  4. Empty up all bins.
  5. Remove any traces of food etc on canteen benches, sink and floor to avoid insect infestation and rats.
  6. Place all tea towels and aprons in a box for collection by the Closing canteen volunteer
  7. Reconcile monies and fill in the balance sheet
  8. Pass over all takings and any feedback to the Closing canteen volunteer

BBQ Teams

  1. Setup marque in front of the club house
  2. Setup BBQ under marque with 1x table
  3. Collect BBQ box, sauces, napkins etc from the canteen
  4. Collect esky with cold food (bacon,eggs, sausages & onion if available)
  5. Please ensure the BBQ and table is cleaned at the end of the day
  6. Pack everything away at the end of the day 1pm or 4pm.

Note: A spare gas bottle will be located in the away change room. Please advise the canteen if you swap it over.

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