Field Dressing - Thornleigh Oval

Gates and dressing rooms will be opened by a Committee member before you arrive (door may be pulled to, but not locked) and will be locked after you have left by a Committee member.

Thornleigh Oval Ground Dressing Roster

Thornleigh Oval Canteen & BBQ Roster

Contact: Nathan Healy (PH: 0421 062 170)

NWSWF 100x100Women’s teams – Sunday NWSWF games at Thornleigh Oval: Thornleigh Oval is considered a NWSWF ground on Sundays when scheduled. The two teams associated with the first game are responsible to dress the ground. The two teams associated with the last game on the day are responsible to undress the ground. 


Small-Sided Fields (U8, U9, U10 & U11).

There are 2 mid size pitches, which run East/West and are clearly marked on the field. The pitches are to be dressed the same way as per the field plan (also displayed in the change room window and in the canteen):

Thornleigh Oval SSG Setup

Ground Dressing

  • Make sure the volunteers arrive at least 45 minutes before the first game.
  • Minimum 4 adults are required to set up (children are welcome to help but for safety reasons there are to be a minimum of 4 adults).
  • Nets and posts are stored in the away change shed, which is on the left hand side as you face the clubhouse.
  • The door will be unlocked at 7.30am. Note that it may appear locked but simply pull the bolt and it will open.
  • There is 1 small black wheelie bin, which contains 2 nets and large metal pegs to secure the goalposts. You will also need 12 posts with red flags (6 for each oval).
  • Please ensure the CORRECT nets are used and not the Senior Goal nets
  • Goalposts are stored in the metal cage near the brick wall on the oval (to the left as you enter the oval). The gate to the cage will also be unlocked by 7.30am.
  • Move the goalposts into place on each oval. Use the large metal pins to secure the posts to the ground. This is important for safety reasons.
  • Nets are simply placed over the goalposts, then secured using the velcro tape provided.
  • Each pitch is to have 4 corner posts, plus 1 post on each side of halfway (note that halfway posts are to be a metre from the side of the pitch).

Ground Undressing

  • Remove the nets and place back in the bin with the large metal pins. Ensure all metal pins are removed from the goalposts as they are dangerous if left on the oval, and the Club will be fined by council.
  • Remove the 12 flags and put them back in the away dressing room with the bin. Close the door and bolt it (it will be locked by a Committee member later in the day).
  • Put the goalposts back in to the metal cage (it will be locked by a Committee member later in the day)


Full Size Pitch (U12 - Seniors)

Ground Dressing

  • The equipment will be stored in the ‘home’ dressing room (closest to the forest). Please ensure you only use this dressing room so they are not mixed up with the equipment for the SSG fields.
  • Allow 4 adults 45 minutes to do the setup.
  • Ropes are to be run down 1 side of the oval (usually the side near the cricket nets).

Ground Undressing

  • All equipment to be returned to the ‘home’ dressing room and the door closed.

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