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Match result submissions can now be entered via the QuickClicks Menu on the right hand side of the home page. To submit your team's results for each weekend's match please click on the "Submit Match Result" menu item, or click Submit Match Result and follow the instructions.

GHFA Team Sheets

Players who are not registered are NOT INSURED. UNREGISTERED players MUST NOT be permitted to play or train. Your team will forfeit the game and incur fines. You cannot hand-write a player’s name on a team sheet.

Ensure correct names, shirt numbers and ID numbers are entered on the game teamsheet.

For ages U9 upwards, make sure suspended players do NOT take the field under any circumstances and do NOT enter them on the team sheets.

Make a note of any player playing up in a higher grade. Note: If a player from a lower grade is there as backup but not expected to play, do not enter them on the team sheet. If and only if they take the field, then they must be entered on the team sheet.

A player playing up 6 times is deemed to then become a member of the team they played with on the sixth occasion.

The following applies to GHFA team sheets only, for the following age groups: Junior (U10+), Adults.

  1. Team sheets for each game will be available on the NEFC website each week, from 5pm on the Thursday prior to the weekend. Team sheets will show all players registered in your team and all players registered for the opposition. You must take a printed copy of the team sheet to every game, even if you are the ‘away’ team.

Go to, click on ‘Club Login/Logout’ (in Quick Clicks menu).

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