This year both GHFA and NWSWF will be implementing the use of Temporary Dismissals for the Cautionable offence of "Dissent". This will apply to Senior age groups only, i.e. Under 18 and above only. A player on the field that is guilty of dissent and shown the yellow card by the Match Referee will be temporarily dismissed form the field (for a period of 10 minutes), with the player's team playing one player short for that period.

Temporary Dismissals have been introduced to help reduce dissent offences against match officials and having proven successful in overseas trials.

The Temporary Dismissal process will be managed by the Match Referee on the day, there is nothing for team officials to do other than acknowledge what is happening. For more information on the Temporary Dismissal System, including FAQs, please see Temporary Dismissals Cautions in the Library.