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Healthy Innovations is very pleased to be partnering with Normanhurst Eagles Football Club this season. We are a local health services company which provides physiotherapy, player fitness and preseason football screening, massage, sports injury rehabilitation, Pilates, exercise, Xtend Barre, and stretch classes.

Healthy Innovations is super excited to announce that we have added nutrition to our list of services. Nutrition plays such a vital role in our performance and wellbeing. There is so much info available and so many diets that it can be very confusing at times. Our mission is to make food easy, personal and manageable so you can be confident you are giving you and your family the best nutrition possible.

We hope to bring value to Normanhurst Eagles by offering $10 off initial physiotherapy consultations and giving donations to the club of 10% of all funds generated by club members and their families. Please see the Healthy Innovations - Normanhurst FC flyer for more information.

Everyone wants to play at their best and for the entire season. For this reason, Healthy Innovations has placed football training and performance tips on their website which is a worthwhile resource to check out. We are also happy to offer Normanhurst Eagles a free "ask the club physio a question" facility. Simply visit, click on "contact us" and enter your question. We will respond with tips and advice in a timely manner.

Additionally, we have developed a program called FAME (Foundational Athletic Movement Examination) which helps players identify their individual physical strengths and weaknesses and provides a training program to optimise performance. FAME can be used by a team or player to compliment regular training and helps to enhance player performance and reduce the rate or severity of injuries sustained. FAME has been based on sports science research and many years of sports physio coverage of football. By teaching players how to move their bodies efficiently and with control can help reduce the chance of sustaining preventable or season ending injuries. Player speed, agility, skills and fitness measures are included in this program.

Research has shown that similar programs to FAME have reduced the incidence of ACL (knee ligament) tears and other common soccer injuries in players by 30-50%. For example, hamstring tears are less likely to occur when players have developed their hamstring strength to the standards expected with FAME.

If any of you are interested in our physiotherapy or sports performance services, please contact us.

Here's to a great season!