Information for how to register to play football or how to register as a coach, manager or other team official with Normanhurst Eagles Football Club is provided below. This information has been taken from the FNSW website and the FFA's PlayFootball website.

All players, coaches, managers and referees must be registered on the FFA's PlayFootball online registration system. The PlayFootball system replaces the FFA's MyFootballClub online registration system for 2019 and onwards, and is in general a like-for-like replacement for the MyFootballClub system. The changes are mostly in the user interface, i.e. the look and feel, of the system rather than its information structure. The one major change that everyone can expect is at first login, where the PlayFootball system has accounts setup based on email addresses, rather than by FFA number of the previous MyFootballClub system. 

As the new system will only be launched for grassroots player registrations on the 3rd January 2019, the information provided is based on reportred system structure, and is subject to change based on actual experience. We will endeavour to update this guide whenever significant differences are experienced.

If you are a new player to Football, or a new player to Normanhurst Eagles FC, please contact the relevent Age Group Co-ordinator at our Club prior to registering to ensure you have all the information you need to complete registration. 

If you have trouble or issues with registering in the PlayFootball system, please contact PlayFootball Support in the first instance as they will be better placed to solve the issues for you rather than the Normanhurst Eagles Football Club.

Create a PlayFootball Account

All new and existing players, team officials and referees will be required to create a new PlayFootball account.

The one account may be used to

  • Register and individual as a player, as a team official, and/or as a referee (but each type of registration will require separate actions).
  • Register more than one player within the same PlayFootball Account. This means if you are the parent or guardian of more than one player, you can link their registrations to the one PlayFootball account.

As part of creating your new PlayFootball account you will be able to identify your previous account with MyFootballClub and transfer your personal data from MyFootballClub to PlayFootball, and to link to additional player accounts (see "Claim Profiles" process on the PlayFootball system).

Note: PlayFootball Accounts are separate to FFA numbers, but if you have your FFA number from previous year's registration, this may assist in identifying your previous account/s, but it is not necessary. Players will still retain existing FFA numbers (or receive new FFA numbers for new registrants) to be used for plasyer identification with Associatioins. 

To create a PlayFootball account complete the new PlayFootball account form.

For additional guidance, please see pages 1-4 of Comprehensive Instruction for Player Self Registration

Player Registration with Normanhurst Eagles FC

Once you have created your PlayFootball Account, you can login using the Email Address and Password that you created.


  • ALL REGISTRATIONS MUST HAVE A NEW PHOTO UPLOADED IN 2019. Before commencing the on-line registration, please ensure you have a new digital ID photo ready to upload. Players registering without photo ID may not be registered to play with GHFA or NWSWF until a new ID Photo is provided via the PlayFootball Account.
  • If you are a new registrant with Normoeagles FC in 2019, please contact the Club to determine the details of registration prior to registering on-line. This is because there are two different "Clubs" because we supports teams in two different Associations: GHFA and NWSWF. 

To begin registration, login to your PlayFootball Account

Once you have logged in, you can register as a player for the 2019 Season.

  1. Click on the “Register” button.
  2. After the Welcome to PlayFootball Online Registration screen is displayed, click on “Get Started”.
  3. Select the participant you are registering (myself/Linked Person/new Person) and continue.
  4. Select thje Club Type Name in the “Club” Textbox provided
    1. Select Normanhust Football Club when registering to play in competitions with GHFA
    2. Select Normanhurst FC Womens when regsitering to play in competitions with NWSWF
  5. Select the Product (e.g. Junior/Manager)
  6. In product details, you can add/change sections such as ‘student discount'
  7. Upload a profile photo by clicking on ‘Select Profile Image’, browsing to an image form your device and then selecting ‘continue’. NOTE: ALL REGISTRATIONS MUST HAVE A NEW PHOTO UPLOADED IN 2019.
  8. Review the order. If you need to modify the product selection of details, select ‘Modify’ in the appropriate section to do so.
  9. In the Acknowledge Terms and Conditions section, click on the check box ‘read and Acknowledge all Terms and Conditions’ then click ‘Continue’

Payment Options

  1. Input any “Vouchers/Coupon codes” and click “Apply”.
  2. Choose “Pay Online” to complete the payment for the registration. You will receive an invoice to the email address listed on the registrants Registration.
  3. Once the confirmation message has been received, select “Finished” or “Perform Another Registration”.

For additional guidance, please see Comprehensive Instruction for Player Self Registration

For further information about Normanhurst Eagles FC please contact the relevent Age Group Co-ordinator at our Club.